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"One of the great things about books is sometimes there are some fantastic pictures." - George W. Bush

Party on, 


Welcome to my newsletter for December, 2006.  Allow me to update you on what's been happening in my corner of the voiceover world...

Remember that new Tucson ad agency I mentioned in last month's newsletter?  Turns out I've already received 3 gigs from them.  I've also done more voice branding work for the agency in Phoenix.  Business is definitely picking up.  I'd sure like to become YOUR voice branding talent.  Turns out I still have some room for those last minute holiday sale spots.  Let's get together and make something happen as we venture upon 2007!

I'm looking forward to great things for the holiday season and I'm always open to new business.  Feel free to contact me any time to discuss your next project.


Holiday Season is sneaking right up on us!  It's not too early to begin thinking about your holiday advertising.  If you'd like more than audio for your broadcast advertising or web site, consider Professional Voice Branding by Doc Phillips.  Snag me before your competitors do... or, before my schedule fills up.  You may hear demos of my professional voice branding by going to the home page of my web site - Doc Phillips Productions .  Gain direct access to my audio samples at the top.


Doc's Articles

I had such great response to my "No Means No" article included in last month's newsletter that I'd like to invite you to read my articles.  You may do so from my website:  www.docphillips.com - click on the "Doc's Articles" button in the navbar.  My articles are also syndicated.  If you use an RSS Reader, you will find my subscribe button          on any of my article pages - or, you may just subscribe by clicking on either of the buttons above.  I welcome all feedback including opposition viewpoints to my articles.  E-mail them to me and if they're worthy of appearing here, I will include them - good OR bad!

Fun & Games

The answer to last month's trivia question:  "What famous announcer/journalist played sidekick to Jack Paar during his stint as host of the "Tonight Show"?"...

Answer:  Hugh Downs - in addition:

  • Got his start in network tv in 1949 when he won the job as announcer on the children's show "Kukla, Fran, & Ollie".

  • A descendant of Davy Crockett, 19th century frontiersman and later congressman from Tennessee.

  • He has a post-Masters degree in gerontology from Hunter College.

  • The Guinness Book of World Records holder for greatest number of hours on network commercial television (1985).

  • He is color blind.

  • He is Chairman of the Board of Governors of the National Space Society, Chairman of the Board of US Committee for UNICEF, Trustee of the Menninger Foundation, and served as a member of the NASA Advisory Council.

  • Is the 1982 recipient of the prestigious Connor Award given by the brothers of the Phi Alpha Tau fraternity based out of Emerson College in Boston, Massachusetts. He is also an honorary brother of the fraternity.

Trivia for December

What long-time, Mark Goodson Productions game show announcer was famous for the "New Price Is Right" catch-phrase, "Come on down!"?"?

   Bill Cullen

   Johnny Olson

   Rod Roddy

   Tom Kennedy

(Please choose only 1 answer.  Check next month's newsletter for the correct answer)



Here are some cool ideas for yourself for the holidays!  Hey!!  Why not?  Whether you make your living with voiceover,  production, creative, etc., don't you owe it to yourself to some of Santa's toys for big girls & boys?

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Happy Holidays to ALL my readers and clients.  See you next year!

Stay warm and be cool,


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