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"Computers make very fast, very accurate mistakes." - Anonymous

Party on, 


Well, as they say, "There's no fool like an old fool!"  What?  There go those voices in my head again.  In spite of all, I finally put up my own blog and it's about time!  If you'd like to read what goes on in my world and comments from others, give it a hit at:  Doc's Blog.  It took many hours for me get it to resemble my site and my newsletters, but it's done!  If you already subscribe to my newsletter and article feed, you're good to go.

Also, taxes are due on the 17th this year.  This is because the 15th is on a Sunday and there's some government holiday on Monday the 16th.  Don't ask me...

I KNOW you need more expenses to write off so allow me to take some of your money and to voice brand your clients.  They'll be pleased and so will you.

Better News

Here are some of the comments I'm receiving about "What's Up Doc?" 

"You're the best!" - Pat Johnston, President, CEO, Apex Media Marketing

"Very nice presentation Doc! We'll try to book you for something in the New Year." - Rick Rose, Film  Creations

"Great promotional email, etc. Keep up the hard work.  Very professional. I'm truly impressed.  Keep up the great work. And let me know the progress of all your endeavors." - Larry Thomlinson, Entrepreneur

"Sound good man.  Got that Bobby Ocean style down." - Joel Grey, V.P., G.M., 98-7, the Peak

.I'm glad you enjoy my newsletter and thanks for the kind words.

Now, may I have the pleasure of delivering your client's message?  Contact me today.


V.O.I.C.E. is over and due to some unforeseen circumstances I was unable to attend.  Dirty, rotten shame, too.  I just know I missed what was promoted and promised to be a terrific event for all things voice.  Maybe next year.

Doc's Articles

I'd like to invite you to read my articles.  My latest is entitled, "Show Me The Money... Voice!"  You may also read them from my website:  www.docphillips.com - click on the "Doc's Articles" button in the navbar.  My articles are also syndicated.  If you use an RSS Reader, you will find my subscribe button          on any of my article pages - or, you may just subscribe by clicking on either of the buttons above.  I welcome all feedback including opposition viewpoints to my articles.  E-mail them to me or comment on them on my new blog and if they're worthy of appearing here, I will include them - good OR bad!

Fun & Games

The answer to last month's trivia question:  In the early 70's, he was reportedly paid $50,000 a year as the voice of the Pillsbury Dough Boy.  He also provided voices for numerous animatronics figures at Walt Disney parks.

Who is he?    

Answer:  Paul Frees

  • Got his start in radio, doing voice work for dramas and comedies. He was known for doing an incredible impersonation of Orson Welles. Reportedly, he played all of the roles 15 minute show called "The Speaker". His work included animation, for which he provided the voices for innumerable cartoons, but notably for such characters as Fox (Frank Tashlin's "Fox & Crow" series), Ludwig Von Drake (Numerous educational shorts by Walt Disney Productions), Boris Badenov ('Jay Ward' 's "Rocky & Bullwinkle"), Inspector Fenwick (Jay Ward's "Dudley Do-Right"), Morocco Mole (Hanna-Barbera's "Secret Squirrel"), Barney Bear (title character from an MGM series of shorts), and was the original voice of the Pillsbury Doughboy.
  • Read more about Paul Frees by clicking the link below.

Trivia for April

This month's personality will be another fill-in the blank.  Okay... ready?  His very first credit came in 1943 when he played the wolf howl (yep, that's all) in a movie entitled, "Red Hot Riding Hood" in which the characters of the fairy-tale absolutely refuse to do the tale in the same old way. Instead Little Red Riding Hood is transformed into the hottest singer in town, the wolf becomes The Wolf and grandma turns into a man chaser.  He later became well-known as the voice of several major cartoon characters for Hanna Barbera.

Who is he?       


  Find the answer in next month's edition of "What's Up Doc?"


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